Personal Discipleship with Purity Pastor Dustin Daniels (13 Week Program)

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One-on-one discipleship is by far the best way to learn a new discipline. Biblically speaking it involves the teaching and training of the fundamentals of faith; how to read the Bible, how to pray, how to be a godly husband and father.  One-on-one discipleship involves the transfer of character from mentor to mentee.

In the context of recovery and healthy sexuality, discipleship not only focuses on fundamentals but concentrates on the sexual disciplines and triggers that build spiritual muscle to be the husband, father, friend, and church leader that Almighty God has predestined you to be.  

I personally know the embarrassment and shame involved with pornography. That's why I have created this discipleship program. I've taken away the barriers that are preventing you from getting the help that you desperately want.

  • There's no need to fill out a long and embarrassing application to see an unqualified counselor. (Did you know that over 60% of counselors admit to not being properly trained in the area of sexuality?)
  • There's no need to leave the comfort of your home. I come to you through a secure video conference call.
  • There's no need to rearrange your schedule. We'll meet on your timeframe.
  • There's no need to pay a hundred dollars or more per hour.

In this program, I will personally walk your through The Sex Spiral: Forgiven and Free From Pornography. In just 13 weeks your life can be radically different! 

You will learn God's definition of sex, marriage, and the family, the twelve triggers to porn addiction and lastly, how to exit the Sex Spiral itself.

 We will meet online for 90 minutes per session and cover the following topics:

  • Biblical Sexuality 
    • Just Married 
    • The Spiritual Realities of Sexual Sin 
  • Trigger 1: Awareness
    • The three options to exit the Spiral
  • Trigger 2: Shame
    • An Unhealthy Thought Life 
    • The Four Lies We Tell Ourselves 
    • Encouragement From A Surprising Source 
  • Trigger 3: Temptation
    • The Difference Between Tests & Temptations 
    • The Pleasure of Sin 
    • Loving Porn Too Much 
  • Trigger 4: Resistance
    • Tithing Your Devotional Time 
    • The Irony of Resisting Porn 
  • Trigger 5: Rationalization
    • Pornography, Defiance & Rationalization 
    • Eight Rationalizations I Give Myself To Look At Porn 
  • Trigger 6: Concealment
    • The Two Sides of Hiding -
    • Confessing The Wrong Sin 
  • Trigger 7: Acting Out In Sin
    • Five Consequences of Sexual Sin 
    • Four Criteria of Sex Addiction 
  • Trigger 8: Relational Withdraw
    • Why I Withdraw From Others 
    • Why I Don't Have Good Relationships 
    • Moving Toward Restoration 
  • Trigger 9: Justification
    • Lessons Learned From Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky 
    • Why Do We Always Have An Excuse? 
    • Why Words Matter 
  • Trigger 10: Blame
    • It Not My Fault! 
    • My Reasons For Blaming You 
    • Blaming God 
  • Trigger 11: Anger
    • Why Porn Makes You Angry 
    • How Did Jesus Deal With Anger? 
    • The Four Causes of Anger 
    • How Our Past Controls Our Future 
  • Trigger 12: Hopelessness 
    • How Porn Almost Killed Me 
    • Learning To Trust Imperfectly 
    • The Power of Sexual Purity 
    • Encouragement From Guys In The Trenches 

The normal price for this discipleship program is $125 per 90-minute session. However, with the release of The Sex Spiral: Forgiven & Free From Pornography by Ambassador International Publishers, I'm discounting this program to $75 per 90-minute session for a limited time.

This program also consists of the audio series + participant guide, which is an additional savings of $129.00.