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God, Sex & You! is a daily discipleship podcast on healthy sexuality. It's listened to in 80 countries around the world and hosted by purity pastor, Dustin Daniels.

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The Sex Spiral: Forgiven & Free From Pornography teaches God’s design for sexuality, the triggers that lead to porn addiction, and how to live free from pornography.

We offer a monthly men's workshop that focuses on sexual sobriety.

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Porn thrives on shame and secrets. Covenant Eyes is designed to help you overcome porn by monitoring your Internet activity and sending a report to a trusted friend who holds you accountable for your online choices.

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I have know Dustin Daniels for quite some time now. He has been a “voice crying in the wilderness” or more accurately the desert of Arizona. His has been a strong and biblical voice over the airwaves of his radio show. He has spoken and taught the truth. Now he has put his wisdom in this book. I encourage you to read it and be blessed.  Finally, I hope that you will be a voice of truth to those you influence, perhaps mainly your own family.

Mark Laaser, M.Div., PhD. Dr. Laaser is nationally recognized as the leading authority in the field of sexual addiction and healthy sexuality with over 29 years of recovery experience. Mark has written fifteen books on the subject of sexual addiction.

The Sex Spiral offers a message of hope to those enslaved in Internet Pornography.  In a day where we see so much sexual brokenness, this book outlines a healthy theology of sex. We are so thankful for Dustin’s story and the freedom that many will experience by reading this timely and informative book.

Dr. Archibald Hart and Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd Authors of The Digital Invasion: How Technology is Shaping You and Your Relationships.

Fighting the lure of pornography is exhausting for so many. This book holds a new approach to experiencing both forgiveness and freedom in Christ, and finally severing the addictive hold of sexual temptation. Bravo to Dustin Daniels for sharing these realistic triggers for every man to follow.

Shaunti Feldhahn, social researcher and best-selling author of For Women Only and Through a Man’s Eyes

The Sex Spiral offers an effective balance of biblical truth and practical application of that truth to the real-life struggle of sexual sin. Dustin shares openly from his own journey toward freedom, serving as an encourager and trusted friend to you as you read. This is a compelling resource that I'm delighted to recommend to anyone battling sexual sin. 

Dr. Juli Slattery. Psychologist and President of Authentic Intimacy. Author of Sex and the Single Girl and Pulling Back the Shades.

If you want to understand the way sexual sin robs your soul of hope and joy, and the pathway to full life in Jesus Christ, then The Sex Spiral is the book for you. Dustin is candid, concise, and caring in his writing on such a difficult topic. There is hope for living a life of sexual integrity in the midst of a sexually confused culture, and this book will help you navigate this tricky terrain.

Jonathan Daugherty Founder and Director of Be Broken Ministries Author of: The Four Pillars of Purity, Grace-Based Recovery and more.

We may know our position on pornography, but that hardly helps the person entangled in porn to free himself. What we need today are more tools – practical, clear, Biblically based – so the habitual porn user can learn what to do about the problem rather than hear yet another sermon on how serious the problem is. Dustin Daniels has contributed just such a tool. The Sex Spiral is both an eye opener and a challenge, and those in bondage to porn, as well as those who minister to them, will find answers and approaches here.

Joe Dallas, author of The Game Plan

I’ve noticed a difference since my husband has been reading your book. It’s a HUGE gift to the wives as well. I just wanted to let you know that what you’re doing for them matters greatly.

Jenny D.

I can comfortably say that without your guidance I would most certainly be divorced right now. Instead, I celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary this past October, and look forward to many more forthcoming.

Frank F.

For the first time in my life have I been able to recognize the lie that a life of sexual sin has to be the status quo.  As I result, I've experienced a great deal of freedom from the fear of inadequacy that I have battled since I was a kid. 

Finally, my relationship with my wife is for the first time based off truth rather than lies.  We both now have the courage and freedom to be real with one another and experience life as partners rather than opponents.

Steve L.